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Monday, August 29, 2011

The "Alien 3" work: Halcyon 1/9.

Another awesome alien creature design from another great Sci-Fi saga. Developed for the Alien 3 film -not the best of the saga, I know- by Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff from the original Alien design by H.R.Giger, this creature incubated in a dog is more stylized than its human incubated kin. 
In the film they used a number of different coloured Alien suits and puppets depending on the illumination of the scene. I chose to paint it in an orange-brown cockroach-looking tone that resembles the orange illumination of the pipeline scenes. A dark brown base followed by beige highlights was the first airbrush work. Some dry-brushed highlights helped to enhance the raised details. Next I applied a wash of diluted black oil paint to darken the grooves and profile the details. Then I got the final tone by applying Tamiya clear orange with the airbrush. Adding some clear blue to the orange will neutralize the orange into a browner tinge. The finishing touch is the clear varnish to get the glossy look. Finally I polished the head with Tamiya Compound to leave the smoothest finish possible.
How beautiful a monster can be...

Diego Quijano.