Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The “Spanish adversary” work: Fujimi 1/72.

This work was inspired by pictures of some F-18A that the Ejercito del Aire bought to the U.S. Navy to replace a few crashed aircrafts. This plane previously belonged to VFA-127 “Desert Bogeys” adversary squadron (previously  known as “Cylons”). Once in Spain, the Navy markings were overpainted with the yellow used in Spanish “lizard” camo and then the “211 Escuadrón” markings were added, this produces an interesting three tone camo with the low-visibility grey zones typical of the adversary fighters. The work became a long time project with plenty of detailing and scratch (engine bays, avionics bays, undercarriage, cockpit). The painting was made with Vallejo´s Model Air acrylics and the weathering with oil paints, watercolor pencils and graphite. The subtle riveting is airbrushed with templates or drawn with pencil (depending on the area).

Diego Quijano.


  1. Great modelling Job

  2. Fantastic work! Su trabajo és muy exquisito! Felicitaciones!

  3. This detail cannot be implemented not even in 1/1 scale!!! Amazing.

  4. Fantastic detail work, grt DJs Scalemodelling

  5. Fantastic job an extraordinary superdetailed model which i would like to had in my collection...
    How long it takes the model to finish??

    1. Hi George,
      Glad you like it. It took me about a year to finish it. :)

  6. That is absolutely stunning. (I mean jaw-droppingly so.)

  7. Out standing work it is wonderful model love the f18 hornet