Thursday, October 10, 2013

The T-34 project (III)

The work in the tank is almost finished. There is only some local effects to add like some black stain in the exhaust zone and some darker streaks here and there. It´s time to finish the base:

Weathering some elements of the base. These bigger elements need special attention:


  1. Looks outstanding! Love the little base for this!

  2. Superb and original in presentation
    i stay tuned


  3. Dear Diego,
    The only word that is actually crossing my mind is "WOW"! What I love about your work is its assymetrical aspect, which gives a lot of interest and your streaking effects are amazing! I really love what you're doing on this one and this is going to be outstanding!
    Really nice weathering on the sign and excellent flag!
    Keep it going!
    Alex! :)

    1. Thanks Alex,
      Yes, I enjoy playing with the diagonals and slooped planes of this one. The snow will bend a little the effect of the streaks in some zones anyway.