Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Mig-21 chronicle (8).

Ok, a final update with photos of the finished quick diorama. Just some elements to put the Mig into context.
I used a Soviet Hex Airfield from Uschi Van Der Rosten, an Ural fuel tanker from Balaton Models, a soviet weapons loading cart by Aerobonus, photoetched wheel chocks from Brengun and a photoetched ladder from Eduard.
The gorgeous photos were shooted by Ricardo Rodríguez.

Here is the link for the whole aircraft photos: Mig-21



  1. Crazy work... I loved the both models..

  2. I'm reading your blog quietly for some time now - you are doing real great stuff Diego!

  3. Another masterpiece from Diego !

    How did you get that flat finish? Flat coat over Alclad paint ?


    1. Yes, first a base coat with Alclad "White aluminium". Then a protective coat of acrylic satin or glossy varnish. Then the weathering with AMMO enamel products, this gives a flat touch where you apply them. And finally a coat of flat or flat-satin varnish to level the final look.

  4. Wow. Very good looking diorama! 10/10

  5. This is amazing craftsmanship Mr OP even the fuel truck is fantastic. If anything I think IRL the fuel truck would have ten times the wear weathering than the fighter! The Russians never throw anything away, the current mess in Ukraine shows lots of proof -