Friday, September 29, 2017

The "Floating Devastator" work: GWH 1/48

Nice model from GWH. The adhesive masks included in the kit are useless but there is no dificult when adding the decals on the wings with Micro-Sol. The canopy needed a lot of masking with masking tape or Bare Metal foil. The main problem in the assembly is the leading edge of the wings because you cannot sand it properly due to the relieve in the upper side of the wings. The best solution is to fill the gap the best you can with very diluted putty and paint the border of the yellow color just over the joint line.
The model is painted with Alclad Aluminium and AMMO acrylic paints. The panelling and soft weathering was made with Panel Line Washes from AMMO. The floats have a little more weathering with Scratches effects, Rainmarks, Engine Grime, and Slimy Grime products, also from AMMO. Hope you like it.

Diego Quijano.