Monday, November 29, 2010

The "Semper Fi Harrier" work: Hasegawa 1/72.

At the time I made this model I was very influenced by Shigeo Koike´s boxart works so I tried to give the model a sort of illustration look. The photo-montage of the first pic is made using the cloudy sky of Mr. Koike´s "LOCKHEED VEGA" illustration.
This U.S.M.C. AV-8B Harrier II Plus is made almost from the box, with no aftermarket at all. Only minimun detail in cockpit and landing gear done with rods of stretched sprue and styrene sheets, the seat belts were made with stripes of Tamiya masking tape.
The model was painted using Model Air colors. The weathering is done first with some spots of oil colors blended with white spirit, then I shadowed some panel lines with masking tape and Tamiya Smoke. I marked the panel lines with a fine pencil and black oil paint for the lines of moving elements, the rivets were also imitated with the pencil. The characteristic fluid leaks and stains of dragged dirt were imitated with a 4B graphite pencil and a blending stump.
This was a very quick model and so very funny to build.

Diego Quijano.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The "Tie Fighter" work: Fine Molds 1/72.

Let´s give a chance to Sci-Fi. This Fine Molds kit is really well detailed wich makes the paint process much easier. This work represent an Imperial Tie fighter under repair after severe damage in one of the wings. The new wing imitates an unpainted spare part so we can see the components in it´s priming color. The repair bay is made with unused pieces from old models and some scratch pieces. This time I wanted a clean look, like those hi-tech Formula 1 cars under repair where you see no dirt, so there is no need of weathering. The paint of the main ship is made with Model Air colors, a base coat of light grey and the center of the panels highlighted with white. The spare wing paint is a coat base of aluminiun, then some elements are airbrushed whith yellow clear to imitate a "brass" primer layer. Then I painted the rest of the panels and elements with a fine brush in greenish and yellowish tones to imitate other primer colors. Next I applied a protective coat of gloss acrylic varnish so I could profile the raised details and panel lines with black oil paint diluted with white spirit. The repair bay is painted the same way in an "Imperial grey" tone (some sort of blueish dark grey). The transparent film of the energy panels imitates a kind of protective cover. The satin finish is made with a mix of Model Air satin and gloss varnish.
It´s not the last time you´ll see Sci-Fi stuff in Scaleworks. Hope you enjoy it.

Diego Quijano.