Friday, October 19, 2012

The "Flying Hisso" work: Wingnut Wings 1/32.

The kit from Wingnut Wings has a nice detail and fitting in general but with some problems in the engine cover. I also used True Details´ McCudden SE.5a Conversion set. True Details´ resin piece for the cockpit cover also needs some work for a correct assembly. Anyway, the result worth the effort.
I applied some light effects with pre and post-shading to enhance the contrast. The weathering is made with enamel products. For the rigging I used the black elastic wire that Wingnut sells in its page.
I tried to get a vintage look with the painting, I don't know if I succeeded but I think it looks nice enough.

Diego Quijano.

Monday, October 8, 2012


Now I want to share with you this awesome piece by Chicho Abad. Chicho used the Tamiya kit to build an incredible super detailed “Uhu” under restoration inspired in the one in display in the Air and Space Museum, Washington. He shows us a Heinkel 219 with the central fuselage in advanced restoration but the wings still with the German camouflage, which gives a nice visual contrast. I love all the opened panels, of course, but I specially enjoy the asymmetric detailing on the engine nacelles. Chicho used the two engines to show different things in each one, and this way duplicating the interest.
This is a wonderful work full of amazing details, no doubt.