Saturday, November 30, 2013

GUEST GALLERY: "A Bitter Spring Awakening" 1/35 by KAZUYA YOSHIOKA.

Kazuya san  is one of the most talented diorama modellers in the world, no doubt. He masters the vehicles, figures and nature to recreate impressive scenes with an amazing attention to detail. But beyond the incredible technical skills, he also uses the colours and composition to get an immersive atmosphere that captures the viewer´s attention  at the first sight.
This diorama is the best example of Kazuya´s work. Incredible figures, amazing tanks, wonderful composition and the crude atmosphere of a sorrowful and bitter spring awakening.
If you want to discover Kazuya Yoshioka´s secrets don´t miss his book "The diorama perfection" with an extensive step by step of this diorama.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Mig-21 chronicle (7).

Back in business. Eduard´s Brassin landing gear is finally assembled. The end is near...