Friday, January 10, 2014

GUEST GALLERY: "Finito Benito next Hiroito" 1/32 by JEROEN VEEN.

It is not usual to see not only a great model but also an original subject. This is what this B-25 is. That´s what I thought the first time I saw this beauty by Jeroen Veen. The model is the HK Models/Wingscale 1/32 kit.
"Finito Benito Next Hirohito" was a B-25J Mitchell assigned to the 12th Bomb Group based in Naples in early 1944. The Group was transferred from the 12th Air Force in the Mediterranean to the 10th Air Force in India in March, 1944. The name reflects the change in Theater assignment. It was painted in red on the upper surfaces of the wings, as opposed to the usual placement on the nose of the airplane.
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