Saturday, April 21, 2012

GUEST GALLERY: "Behind The Hangar Doors" 1/48 by JOAQUIN Gª GAZQUEZ

Joaquin Gª Gazquez is a renowned AFV and diorama modeller. He doesn´t build aviation works too often but when he does he displays his usual artistry. This is not one of his most complex pieces but is the simplicity of the composition what I like. It is a perfect example of how to create an attractive piece with a few elements.
The plane is Tamiya´s Heinkel He-162A-2 "Salamander", the Ford Staff car is also from Tamiya. The officer figure is from ICM and the GI figures is a resin set from Total War Miniatures.
Joaquin has published lots of articles in many magazines and recently he has published a guide of how to paint WWII figures and the construction of a vignette. The English and French edition will be released soon by Histoire & Collections. For the Spanish edition you can contact directly with him, is a very limited edition so hurry up!
For more info of Joaquin´s works and articles you can visit his web:
Panzermodelling by Joaquin Gª Gazquez
La GUÍA de Pintura de Figuras de la 2ª G.M.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

The "Scout Trooper" work: MPC 1/11.

"What's the last thing to go through an Imperial scout trooper's head when he hits a tree? His afterburner." ―Joke told by Rebel forces on Endor.

"The 74-Z speeder bike, sometimes referred to as the Imperial speeder bike due to its use by scout stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire, was a speeder bike manufactured by Aratech Repulsor Company used for reconnaissance purposes, as well as rapid transportation in combat zones."Wookieepedia.

This is the oldie mold from MPC. The bike is not bad at all but the trooper figure is not easy to turn into something credible. Anyway, is one of those kits essential for the real fans (either you assemble it or not) and with enough faithful work you can get a nice result.
I transformed a little the figure to get a more dynamic pose. Basically I raised the right arm so he can aim the blaster and turned the head so he looks slightly to the right. The figure is attached to the ground with a metallic tube through his left foot, the long grass hides the tube perfectly. I think that the effect works really well.
Cheers from the Sanctuary Moon of Endor...

Diego Quijano.