Thursday, September 30, 2010

The “Huey Down” work: Italeri 1/72.

The subject of this work is a U.S. Marines UH-1N used in Iraq in the first Gulf war. I decided to make it crashed-“but-not-too-much”, with a side almost intact and the other with medium damage as if had crashed with on its side over some rocks. I like the idea of showing different things on both sides of the model as you can see on the previous model “Spanish adversary” which has a side with the avionics bays closed and the other fully detailed, this “two-faces” concept allows us to watch different things on both sides making a more interesting model. The interior is detailed with styrene pieces (Evergreen and stretched sprue). I made the fabric of the rear seats with masking tape. The rotor is also detailed with styrene pieces. The camo was applied using Tac stuff to get a semi-hard border, I used Vallejo´s Model Air acrylics. The weathering was done with oil paint blended with enamel thinner. Scratches on the crashed side were made with aluminum paint. Then I added the dust with Mig Productions pigments mixed with water, this way you can easily retouch and remove where you don’t want it.

Diego Quijano.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The “Spanish adversary” work: Fujimi 1/72.

This work was inspired by pictures of some F-18A that the Ejercito del Aire bought to the U.S. Navy to replace a few crashed aircrafts. This plane previously belonged to VFA-127 “Desert Bogeys” adversary squadron (previously  known as “Cylons”). Once in Spain, the Navy markings were overpainted with the yellow used in Spanish “lizard” camo and then the “211 Escuadrón” markings were added, this produces an interesting three tone camo with the low-visibility grey zones typical of the adversary fighters. The work became a long time project with plenty of detailing and scratch (engine bays, avionics bays, undercarriage, cockpit). The painting was made with Vallejo´s Model Air acrylics and the weathering with oil paints, watercolor pencils and graphite. The subtle riveting is airbrushed with templates or drawn with pencil (depending on the area).

Diego Quijano.

Welcome to Scaleworks!

I´m in modelling  for almost 25 years but honestly I think that only the second half of that period has works worthy enough to be shared, so my intention with this blog is to use it as a kind of personal gallery to show my works of the last 12 years (more or less). I like AFV modeling, Sci-Fi, Fantasy but mostly Air modelling, so this is what you are going to find here, a little bit of everything but mostly planes. The text on each work is only a general description of the model so if there is any question or observation, good or bad, please make it, feedback is always useful. As I said, I pretend to use this blog as a gallery for my finished models although I suppose that something different will sneak in from time to time, we´ll see how the thing goes.
I hope you enjoy.

Diego Quijano.