Thursday, December 30, 2010

The "Ferrari Mad Max" work: Italeri 1/24.

A funny thing this time. What can you do with an old forgotten model? Why not some Sci-Fi stuff!
I used an old Ferrari GTO 1/24 kit from Italeri mixed with some spare parts from the dead models box, some styrene supply and absolutely no complex. It was really funny to build those bizarre, creepy, rusty-looking weapons.
The worn look of the paint is imitated with several layers of Tamiya acrylics. First the aluminum color followed by two thick layers of clear varnish. Next an orange layer and finally a red one. And then I sanded the paint with sandpaper of several grains, until I got the worn look. The final touch is a dusty effect with pigments and some rusty leaks here and there.

Diego Quijano.

I made an update of this work for the "Desert" issue of the Weathering Magazine. I repainted the whole base, which had a rather simple look, using Nature effects from AMMO weathering products as well as pigments. I also added some desert vegetation, also from AMMO. And a couple of yellow lines in the road, I like that touch. I want to add a few complements to the base, as a road sign of some kind and other stuff to make it more interesting. I´ll do it when I have some time but for now it looks nice enough.

I also updated the car with finer weathering effects to improve the look. First of all I added some splashes of dry mud in the lower chassis and behind the wheels.

I also added more mud and dust dirt to the wheels as well as oil stains.

Some rainmarks where applied to the sides of the vehicle.

And finally I added dust accumulations in some horizontal zones using pigments.

The final look with the new base and the improved weathering is much better than before, don´t you think?

The old photos, before the update: