Sunday, May 20, 2012


"This is a ~1/32 model-diorama of the famous AT-AT Starwars vehicle. The concept dictated that the refuge looks twice abandoned.... First abandoned by the Empire and then by the local primitives.
Most of the parts are cast in resin but a few of the master originals were used here and there to save on time and materials. Lot's of found-object in this one for the dressing/guts." -Dimitri Kaliviotis.

The first time I saw this model I automatically got stuck to the monitor. It is not only a great concept but a wonderfully built and painted model. I love post-apocalyptic stuff as well as Star Wars ships&vehicles so this work really impressed me.
Dimitri is a Greek design-artist, model-maker and illustrator that lives and work in Montreal. He has worked in a number of American film productions.
This model won the 2007 Starship Modeler Wreck Contest.
You can find more info about Dimitri´s work in his facebook and pages:
Dimitri Kaliviotis on the Behance Network
Dimitri Kaliviotis on Facebook


 Model by Dimitri Kaliviotis. Background by Jake Rowell.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The "Cat from Hell" work update:

This is how the finished thing looks. The hangar deck catapult base is made from styrene sheet, I think it is a nice display for the Hellcat. I remade the antenna wire, added the missed pitot probe and made the light blue a little brighter with diluted white oil paint to enhance the contrast with the dark blue. I think that the whole thing looks better now.
These are the new pictures. And here is the complete post: The "Cat from Hell" work.

Diego Quijano.