Friday, January 29, 2016

Update for the "Ferrari Mad Max" work.

I made an update of this work for the "Desert" issue of the Weathering Magazine. I repainted the whole base, which had a rather simple look, using Nature effects from AMMO weathering products as well as pigments. I also added some desert vegetation, also from AMMO. And a couple of yellow lines in the road, I like that touch. I want to add a few complements to the base, as a road sign of some kind and other stuff to make it more interesting. I´ll do it when I have some time but for now it looks nice enough.

I also updated the car with finer weathering effects to improve the look. First of all I added some splashes of dry mud in the lower chassis and behind the wheels.

I also added more mud and dust dirt to the wheels as well as oil stains.

Some rainmarks where applied to the sides of the vehicle.

And finally I added dust accumulations in some horizontal zones using pigments.

The final look with the new base and the improved weathering is much better than before, don´t you think?