Thursday, September 30, 2010

The “Huey Down” work: Italeri 1/72.

The subject of this work is a U.S. Marines UH-1N used in Iraq in the first Gulf war. I decided to make it crashed-“but-not-too-much”, with a side almost intact and the other with medium damage as if had crashed with on its side over some rocks. I like the idea of showing different things on both sides of the model as you can see on the previous model “Spanish adversary” which has a side with the avionics bays closed and the other fully detailed, this “two-faces” concept allows us to watch different things on both sides making a more interesting model. The interior is detailed with styrene pieces (Evergreen and stretched sprue). I made the fabric of the rear seats with masking tape. The rotor is also detailed with styrene pieces. The camo was applied using Tac stuff to get a semi-hard border, I used Vallejo´s Model Air acrylics. The weathering was done with oil paint blended with enamel thinner. Scratches on the crashed side were made with aluminum paint. Then I added the dust with Mig Productions pigments mixed with water, this way you can easily retouch and remove where you don’t want it.

Diego Quijano.



  1. hi for some reason, i really like this piece of work very much. now i am inspired to start building my helicopters which has been sitting on the shelf for so long, collecting dusts.
    Are you able to share with us, on how you achieved the torn metal effect on the stabilizers in the 2nd PIC from the bottom ? did u heat the plastic over flame or something ?
    thanks in advance

  2. Nothing better to imitate metal than metal itself. The trick is to build that zone with aluminum sheet. See this picture, hope it helps:

  3. fantastic work, really life like

  4. Alucinante! Desde que vi por primera tu F-18 pensé que no eras un humano normal. (Y el día que encontré el "cómo se hizo" se me salieron los ojos de las cuencas! Una maravilla. Ojalá pueda alcanzar la mitad de tu calidad en mis trabajos.

    1. Me alegra que te guste Hal. El truco es ponerse a ello y practicar un poco. No es dificil.

    2. Gracias por contestar. Supongo que con algo más de paciencia podré dejar algo decente.