Saturday, October 30, 2010

The "Jolly Rogers" work: Hasegawa 1/72.

One of the oldest models you will see in Scaleworks. This was the first time I used photoetched parts (a Verlinden set) to detail a model , I also add some copper wire and some pieces or styrene in the landing gear. To recreate the moment of landing, the flaps and slats were cut to put them in landing position, the air brakes and arresting hook was extended and I also had to lengthen the hidraulic of the front landing gear to the completely extended position.
For the painting I used AeroMaster Acrylic paints. The "Jolly Rogers" decals are from Superscale and the lettering and stencils are Verlinden´s dry transfer. I used the Aero Detail #4 to know where to place all the stencils and for graphic reference. The panel lines were marked with a 0.5 HB sharp pencil.
The weathering is concentrated almost entirely on the underside (it also was the first time I weathered a model). At that time I made it with pastel powder, black, brown and ochre, applied dry for the blur effect and wet with water for the sharper marks. Currently I make this things with oil paints.
With this model I did several things for the first time, detailing, weathering, aftermarket decals... It is oldie but very dear to me because it was a great evolution for my way of making models.

Diego Quijano.


  1. Simply fantastic work, very nice and natural. Congratulations on an excellent model.

  2. Dude I thank and credit you for your awesome work, It is the inspiration behind my Microsoft FS9 freeware repaint for the payware IRIS simulations F-4 Phantom FGR.2. Although my version is not going to look as impressive as your model! It does step it up a notch on visual appearance!

  3. Absolutely astonishing! I've just bought a 1/48 Jolly Rogers F14. I want to paint it with the camouflage scheme as seen in the movie "The final countdown", around 1980, so I'll use ur photos as a reference for the painting. Congrats, your works are amazing and inspiring!

  4. bonjour tres maquette au 1/ me suis plaisir au 1/32 .pas aussi beau que le votre .jmt

  5. This is incredible! I just bought the kit and will give it a go. I was shocked when I found out there were no weapons included in th he kit! That was irritating