Monday, January 31, 2011

The "Night Mosquito" work: Tamiya 1/72.

I used Tamiya´s "De Havilland Mosquito B Mk.IV/Pr Mk.Iv" which is really easy to assemble. I built it out of the box so I focused all the efforts in the painting process. The goal was to get an interesting look on such a uniform and panel lines lacking material as the Mosquito´s wooden surface.
For the camo colours I used Model Air´s "Dark Sea Grey" and "Cam. Dark Green" for the upper surface and a mix 50-50 of "Grey Green" and Black on the under-surface.
The weathering is done with watercolour pencils and graphite pencil for the wings stains and scratches; blended oil colours for the fuselage vertical stains; enamel filters for differentiate the control surfaces; and blended acrylics for the stains on the engine cowlings and access hatches.
I also used a white pencil to imitate the slightly raised joints of the wooden panels that I´ve observed in some museum pics. It´s a subtle effect only visible at short distance.
Finally I airbrushed black and white transparent paint to add an "enforced light" effect that enhances the contrast between higher and lower zones of wings and fuselage. This effect is more noticeable in general views of the model than in closer looks so, in some way, is complementary to the joint lines effect. I found interesting the trick of combine some "general effects" with other "short distance effects", I think it adds interest to a model.
Diego Quijano.


  1. Very realistic weathering. It would be great to see step by step tutorial someday :] looking forward for more great models from You!

  2. Really beautiful. I like your work, it gives me a lot of inspiration.


  3. It's Wonderful - Congratulations I've never see before another Works like you do it

  4. Thank you people. Glad you like it. :)


  5. Is that really Vallejo Model Air Dark Sea Grey? It looks much lighter than what I get out of my bottle of 71.048.

    1. Hi Erik, the D.S grey is just the base color. The look changes after appliying the paint effects with watercolor pencils and transparent white.

  6. Do you happen to recall the unit and squadron? Thank you! This is a very impressive build with expert weathering by an artist!

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