Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The "Naked 190" work: Hasegawa 1/48.

For the base coat I choose chrome silver paint so I could get the flat aluminium finish in a different level depending on the panel, with some panels flatter and other more metallic. This way I could get a rich range of tones on the aluminium skin. The flat effect was achieved with Model Air satin and flat varnish applied more or less depending of the zones. For the RLM 02 yellow-grey primer I used a mix of Model Air acrylics to easily paint with brush the big primer patches in the fuselage. For the sprayed RLM 02 over some panel lines I used Gunze RLM 02 colour. The red primer colour is a mix of Gunze red with 10% of brown.
The base and setting was made by my fellow modeller Ricardo Rodriguez. It is a wonderful job that makes the model look much bigger. For those who have not seen his job in some model magazine I´ll post some of his stunning works soon.

Diego Quijano.