Monday, June 13, 2011

The "Persian Connection" work: Fujimi 1/48.

After the Anglo-Iraqi war in 1941 the Germans gave their military support to the Iraqis against the British. The Luftwaffe created the "Sonderkommando Junck" to oppose the RAF forces. The aircrafts carried Iraqi insignia but were flown and maintained by German crews. This subject is a Messerschmitt Bf 110 D3 assigned to the Sonderkommando Junck in 1941; the Iraqi insignias were painted over a layer of RLM 02 primer that was previously used to hide the German markings. The German camouflage remains the same including the shark mouth and yellow cowlings of the 4./ZG 76. This was a funny exercise of guerrilla modelling, almost OOB, besides the antenna wire I only added the panel lines and rivets in the wing zone between the engines and the main fuselage. The camo was painted with Tamiya and Gunze acrylics diluted with lacquer thinner. After the decals were applied I added a gentle weathering with blended oil paint and some post-shading effects with Tamiya Smoke. Finally I added small chips and scratches with crayon pencils.
A quick build of an interesting subject.

Diego Quijano.


  1. very interesting, very beautiful model

  2. Thaks Rihard. Glad you like it. ;)

  3. It is excellent. Thanks for sharing it.

    Where did you get the Iraki flag and decal ? Did you paint it or did you get a "generic" decal of Irak or did you get a decal specifically made for this Bf 110 ?

    1. Hi Steve. Sorry for the delay,
      The Iraki insignias are from a generic sheet, I painted the tail fins flags