Monday, July 11, 2011

The "Winter Storch" work: Academy-Heller 1/72.

Another fast build, a winter scene with a tiny 1/72 Fi156 Storch. I used two kits to make this model, the Academy kit for the main work and the Heller kit to get the control surfaces, front piece of the nose and propeller; the skis are from scratch. Painted with Tamiya paints. The quick weathering effects were made with oil paints and colour pencils. Finally I applied a Tamiya Smoke shading to enforce the light effect. The satin-matt finish is done with Model Air satin varnish.

Diego Quijano.


  1. Totally AWESOME!!! Masterfully done!!!

  2. Absolutely stunning! May I ask did you paint the white first or last?

  3. Hi Bill,
    I painted the two green splinter camo first. Next I painted the white pattern over it.


  4. Amazing work, on all of your projects....
    Just curious as to how you manage to achieve such a subtle final effect?

    Just getting back into 1/32 aircraft after a 40 year hiatus and would appreciate some tips so that I can work toward your results

    1. Thank you. The camo is painted with a thin 0.2mm nozzle. Thats is why it looks nice at this small scale. In 1/32 you can paint any camo with a normal 0.3mm airbrush. Welcome back to modelling!! :D