Friday, March 23, 2012


As I promised, this is one of the elaborated builds of Ricardo Rodríguez.
Ricardo used the Accurate kit as a base to perform one of his unique creations. He removed the panel lines and rivets of the wooden surfaces, engraved the rivets and lines in the metallic pieces and modified the service hatches. The metallic zones were painted with Alclad paints and the wooden surfaces were imitated with airbrush, brushes and pencils.
For those about to realism, please, make no mistake. This is not a realistic work, Ricardo´s mind is often beyond those limitations. In his own words: approach was very conceptual. The model is painted in the colours of the basic materials in which each part was made. It is like a display of how surprising a mixed construction plane can be, from the perspective of engineering. There is steel, duraluminium, plywood, and fabric, but not in any way that could be actually seen in the real plane -either under construction or debris- but in a figurative way. It lacks of priming, fabric cover on the wooden surfaces or pieces that were painted before the assembly in the factories. The colours of the metallic surfaces don´t represent the real material but the thickness of the armour in each zone. I painted the interior following the ordinances, something that never happened at that time when there were common the primed pieces and bare materials.
In my own words, just the modelling I enjoy. Do you?


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  1. Does Mr Ricardo Rodríguez have his own modelling blog/site?. And i see he is active on the spanish modelling forum.
    Thanks to you and Mr.Rodriguez for this and the earlier tutorial.
    The both of you and Mr.Daniel Zamarbide Suarez
    have insipred me get back into scale modelling again

  2. Try this link and see the wooden wonder being built in New Zealand.

  3. Hi Bob,
    No, Ricardo doesn´t have any blog or website but you can follow his work in Escala Española forum, as you pointed, as well as some other fine modellers. Is a forum in Spanish but you can comment or ask anything in English, there is no problem.

    "You have inspired me to get back into modelling" is one of the best things a modeller can say to another. That´s a really encouraging thought. I´m sure that Ricardo and Dani Z fell so great to hear that as I do.

    I´ve been watching the pictures of the NZ Mossie and it looks really amazing, that´s a nice 1:1 model! Thanks for the link, Bob.


  4. wow, this is outstading! how he made woodgrain?

  5. Hi Bizarre,
    Ricardo airbrushed the base color, varnished matt and then he draw the wood grain with brushes and color pencils. Finally he sprayed diferent Tamiya clear colors to get the diferent shades of the wood pieces.


  6. Just about to make the Revell 1/48 Il2, which I believe is the Accurate Miniatures kit.Its the single seat early version, but I'm going to add a dorsal gunner field alteration, as was done in the war. The wonderful job you've done on your kit is an inspiration.