Monday, June 25, 2012


"The final result cannot be called realistic, but I would not define it as fantasy either, but perhaps conceptual. I have mixed parts of different Cutlass into one, in several states that would not coexist in practice. The paintwork reproduces a complete restoration of the aircraft from one end to another. This allowed me to explore all the possibilities of the metallic finish over one single subject, and to appreciate all the variations. In fact the contrast is so high between both fuselage sides that I might actually describe it as two models in one. All these strong contrasts and the huge variety of effects and parts finally meant that the end result satisfied me much more that my original idea." -Ricardo Rodriguez.

Another masterpiece I love, again from Ricardo Rodriguez. This Cutlass, aside from the great paintjob and detailing skills, is a model full of interesting and original details. In first place I love two faced models, showing different things on both sides. Here you can see a degraded plane with opened panels on one side and a newly painted plane on the other. I also love all those interesting details as the detailed opened panels, the primer painted zones, the degraded paint, the weathering effects and the markings masking (a master touch). In short, a model that can be watched for hours.



  1. I am following your works and every time I remain speachless! There is not too much comments somebody can give! It is just perfect! Stunning! Something that you just, as someone said, take a cup of coffee and stair...

    Greetings from Bosnia, city of Banja Luka

  2. awesome build... i'm in the process of building a Cutlass as first time using silver.. hopefully can complete it.. and will refer to your build at some point.. :D