Sunday, August 19, 2012

GUEST GALLERY: Hansa Brandenburg W.29 1/32 by DANIEL ZAMARBIDE.

This time I present you one of the pieces of Daniel Zamarbide. Dani Z also lives in Canary Islands so we are almost neighbours. He is one of the most prolific modellers I know with this level of artistry. Not an easy thing to build a masterpiece in a few weeks, but it´s obviously possible, he can.
This is 1/32 Wingnut Wings´ Hansa Brandenburg W.29. I don´t specially care about WWI planes not even hydroplanes of any age, and I specially hate the German lozenge camouflage. Nevertheless this is a nice example that mixing three nasty things sometimes can produce a wonderful creation. I love the pastel shades of the model and the combination with the realistic wooden pieces and the superb detailing of engine and cockpits. Dani has even managed to make me love this lozenge scheme!
Watching this wonder makes me wish to build a WWI hydroplane with lozenge camo. That´s a great compliment, believe me.
You can watch more of Daniel Zamarbide´s works in his blog: DZModels   


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  1. Estupendo trabajo. Es un avión que siempre me ha gustado, y este trabajo le hace justicia. Es de resaltar el trabajo en esa MG del observador...delicioso.