Sunday, April 5, 2015

ENCYCLOPEDIA of Aircraft Modelling Techniques

After several years of hard work (I mean it, believe me) building and shooting step by step the work in progress of the models; contacting with the Wild Bunch of collaborators; and finally assembling , writing, designing and editing the books (thanks a lot to the skilled and professional staff from AMMO of Mig Jimenez) the ENCYCLOPEDIA of Aircraft Modelling Techniques is here.

Available in English, Spanish and French. You can get the volumes individualy or you can purchase the whole 5 volumes, and get a free extra 44 pages volume:
Encyclopedia of Aircraft-AMMO by Mig Jimenez 

This Encyclopedia is not directed to one specific type of modeller. Every stage of the modelling process is explained so can be followed by new modellers, but also includes techniques more suitable for advanced modellers. I myself have learned a lot of new tricks from the collaborator modellers, apart from experimenting new products and tools.
The different sections of the volumes are explained with very detailed step by step sequences of each phase. This was the intention from the beginning, to offer something impossible to show in a magazine or an individual book due to the space limits. This is what has turned this Encyclopedia into something unique but extremely hard to develop.

The Encyclopedia of Aircraft Modelling Techniques is published in English and Spanish:
Volume 1: Cockpits, 124 pages
Volume 2: Interiors and Assembly, 168 pages
Volume 3: Painting, 168 pages
Volume 4: Weathering, 160 pages
Volume 5: Final Steps, 124 pages
Volume Extra: Full Process on an aircraft, 48 pages (only for subscribers)

And for you, stats lovers as me, here are some numbers:
-5 volumes, plus an extra volume only for subscribers.
- More than 750 pages.
- More than 3500 photos.
-20 modellers
-15 main models and a lot of complimentary models.

Such a huge work couldn´t have be done by just one modeller. A lot of friends have contributed in this project. My deepest gratitude and admiration to all of them.
Ricardo Rodríguez, JD. Cabrera and Miguel Brito have helped me with the development of the main content.
Mig Jimenez and Carlos Cuesta have leaded and guided the project through the many difficulties with patience and determination.
And the Wild Bunch of excellent modellers that have participated in the Encyclopedia with their models and step-by-step tutorials are (alphabetically):
Alex Glass "Uschi van der Rosten"
Alex Kontiveis
Antonio Morant "Nono"
Artur Oslizlo "Arkady 72"
Chuck Wojtkiewicz
Francisco  Soldán
Jamie "Haggis" Haggo
JM. Villalba
Juan Manuel Villegas
Kamil Feliks Sztarbala
Mark D. Smith
Mig Jimenez
Oishi S. Natapong "Oishi Modeller"
Ralph Riese
Rick Lawler
Vini Pompeo
Zdenko Bugan


  1. Great news, i like this kind of books
    congratulation ;)
    Mig make a plane too !!!!

    1. Thanks a lot Jean-Charles!
      Yes, Mig Jimenez is one of the modellers that share their techniques in the Encyclopedia! Even tank guys can be induced into the aircraft modelling with the right motivation. :)

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    1. Thanks Dana, it has been a lot of work to develop but it worth the effort.
      Cheers friend.

  3. A la espera de recibirla Diego,,esta coleccion no me la pierdo,,

    1. Muchas gracias Juan Carlos, Espero que te guste. :)
      Un abrazo.

  4. Enhorabuena Diego, tiene un pintón alucinante. Que sepas que me he hecho suscriptor. Aupa Atleti. Un abrazo desde El Escorial, Antonio.

    1. Muchas gracias Antonio! Creo que no te va a decepcionar, al menos eso espero.
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  5. Congratulations Diego! I'd love to buy this series - your work is astonishing to say the least and it so deserves to be published like this.
    Hope to see you on the forums again soon
    Kind regards
    Si -AKA Madhatter

    1. Hey, thanks a lot Madhatter! Glad to chat with you again. :)
      I hope to have more time soon to post in the forums.
      Thanks again friend.

  6. well, I know I for one am looking forward to seeing more of your works again soon

  7. Hola Diego, estoy impresionado por cada uno de tus trabajos, la verdad nunca vi algo tan realista. Excelente, te felicito por tu trabajo y dedicación.
    Quiero saber si esta enciclopedia la envian a Argentina.

    1. Hola Federico, si, la Enciclopedia de aviones también se envía a Argentina. Para más información contacta directamente con el distribuidor de allá, Claudio Monaquino, a traves de su Facebook:

  8. Congrats Diego!!!
    That is a really good work!
    I'll buy now.


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