Monday, August 29, 2011

The "Alien 3" work: Halcyon 1/9.

Another awesome alien creature design from another great Sci-Fi saga. Developed for the Alien 3 film -not the best of the saga, I know- by Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff from the original Alien design by H.R.Giger, this creature incubated in a dog is more stylized than its human incubated kin. 
In the film they used a number of different coloured Alien suits and puppets depending on the illumination of the scene. I chose to paint it in an orange-brown cockroach-looking tone that resembles the orange illumination of the pipeline scenes. A dark brown base followed by beige highlights was the first airbrush work. Some dry-brushed highlights helped to enhance the raised details. Next I applied a wash of diluted black oil paint to darken the grooves and profile the details. Then I got the final tone by applying Tamiya clear orange with the airbrush. Adding some clear blue to the orange will neutralize the orange into a browner tinge. The finishing touch is the clear varnish to get the glossy look. Finally I polished the head with Tamiya Compound to leave the smoothest finish possible.
How beautiful a monster can be...

Diego Quijano.


  1. Fantastic paint... congratulations!!!

  2. Thanks people. :)

    Un saludo , Paco.


  3. Hello,
    Your job is AMAZING on this model! I've got the same kit and i really want to do the same colours as yours. So i would like to know what material did you used for filling the holes between the different parts of the model? And if you used only an airbrush for the painting?

    Thxs for answering me, ;)


  4. Hi SpinoJP,
    I used epoxy putty to fill the gaps. Tamiya "quick type" but there are many other epoxy putty for modellers.
    I sprayed a base coat with the airbrush, then I highlighted the raised details and shadowed the hollows also with airbrush. The small raised details were enhanced drybrushing with enamel paint. And then I applied a wash with diluted black oil paint to profile the shapes.
    The final step was to varnish the creature with Tamiya´s Clear Orange until I got the desired look. Oh!, I also applied some touch with clear blue, green and red here and there. Very subtle.
    Hope it helps, fellow.