Saturday, February 11, 2012

The "Alien vs Predator" work: Vinyl 1/6.

Ok, a little bit of Sci-Fi again. I love the Alien saga and the Predator saga so the conclusion is obvious; I also love the Alien vs. Predator saga.
This diorama was a commission work I made some years ago with a bunch of 1/6 vinyl figures. There are five Predators and two Aliens, the Predators are designs from the “Predator” and “Predator 2” movies except the sitting Predator that I think is a comic design. The Aliens also have a comic look but are based in the James Cameron´s “Aliens” design.
Of course it was really fun to build, especially the pile of bloody skulls! I tried to combine the poses of the figures in the most natural way possible though it was not easy and I had to change some pose. Anyway a think the result looks nice.
They are supposed to be in the middle of a human hunting post-celebration when suddenly the Aliens attack.
You know…shit happens!

Diego Quijano.


  1. this is amazing work all around! really respect your talent sir!!

  2. Amazing... it must have taken you a month of sundays to do all this close work!