Sunday, February 19, 2012

GUEST GALLERY: "Never Ending History?" 1/32 by AITOR AZKUE.

Aitor Azkue is one of the best Spanish diorama masters.  He began building AFV dios but he has been making aviation related works for some years.
This is one of his best pieces. I love everything; the attention to detail and painting skill are awesome but, maybe, the best point is the composition of the scene, searching diagonals in several levels and channeling the sight to the small characters. This is the result of much study time. Either the pose of the figures as their placement is casual while not losing the photography pose “touch” that every artwork must have to attract the attention.
“Never Ending History?” is a gang of children playing war between war debris. And, as in every other war –even game ones- someone ends up been injured, while the others look at him impassive.  
Will the children play again the following day? Will the world be filled with war debris once more? Are we doomed to repeat history?
“Never Ending History?” asks us about the human condition.
These are questions asked many times before, but, as well as every other great question, we should not stop asking ourselves.
Never Ending History?...what do you think?



  1. stunning dio the details are just jaw dropping.

  2. Hy,
    It's amazing !!!!Great job,i can just say Thank you.

  3. Without any doubt you are the most creative and the best modeler on this planet.

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  5. Great attention to every detail...excellent work without a doubt.