Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Awesome issue of Panzer Aces: Nº41

5 wonderful models...and my ugly Jagd. English or Spanish text. 64 pages of fun, you´re gonna need something to drink!: 
Panzer Aces nº 41 English order.
Panzer Aces nº 41 Spanish order.

Jagdpanther Late heavy weathered with Ak stuff:

Luciano Rodríguez´s impressive JS-2. The thing gets hot, you better have a drink:

 Really original Panther F by Domingo Hernandez:
Superb T34-76 by Javier Soler:

Jose Luis Lopez explain his B&W technique with this great combo, a Tiger I and a Pz.II. Oops, the beermeter got empty and there is still much fun ahead!

And finally, Pat Johnston´s amazing Hetzer. Enjoy!