Tuesday, March 12, 2013

GUEST GALLERY: Ma.k Maschinen Krieger Jerry 1/35 by MARCEL DU LONG.

Back in Sci-Fi with this wonderful work by Marcel du Long based in Kow Yokoyama´s Ma.K universe. Marcel used the Maschinen Krieger "Jerry" kit from Nito along Tamiya´s Austin Tilly and some figures to make an awesome desert scene. I love the composition and the natural poses of the figures. The combination of colours between the ground, Ma.K, vehicle and figures creates a beautiful contrast and the great attention to detail allows us to discover interesting things wherever we look. In short, a small piece of art.
I should build one of these Ma.K things, I love this stuff!
You can watch more of the amazing art of Marcel du Long in his Website and his Facebook:
Marcel du Long´s Pixels & Plastics
Marcel du Long´s Facebook



  1. To say that is very good is short, this is a super job in every point of view.Were I so good.. .......

  2. This is truly AWESOME and a great looking dio, what more can I say??..........

  3. Super! Figure what firms do you use? Interested in a soldier who sits on the back of a pickup truck.